Fashionable Friends: Kate

Our trip to Nashville consisted of unpredictable weather and even more unpredictable nights!  But my partner-in-crime Kate was more than ready to take on the weekend in heels and fringe with her signature style.


Name: Kate Gombach
Occupation: Sales Associate in Women’s and Designer shoes at Nordstrom (aka shoe expert)
Location: Indianapolis
What’s your favorite part of this outfit? My fringey jacket! its fabulous and so Nashville.

What was going through your mind while getting dressed? Well, since we were traveling I had a limited selection, but I went with layers since we would be out and about all day. I also wanted to wear something comfortable but cute, which is really what I go for every day. I like simple, basic clothing and then I pile on the accessories.
Best piece of style advice?
Never buy an item unless you absolutely love it, or it’s a basic that you will get a lot of good out of, and never be afraid to wear something out of your comfort zone. No statement is more untrue than “I love that, but I could never pull it off.” Also, you can never go wrong with anything Chanel ;)

How would you describe your personal style? It really just depends on my mood and the season. In the summer I wear a lot of bright colors and more patterns, but in the winter it’s a lot of dark neutrals and solid pieces. Some days I like to go with a preppy vibe and other days I’ll go a little more edgy. Overall I would say.. eclectic? I always like to look stylish though. I want people to see that fashion is something I really care about just by looking at me.

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Back in Action: Five Things

My blog hates me. Two years without posting is slightly depressing, but now that I feel I have the time and enough to talk about…lets try this thang out one more time.

To kick off Keeping It Real in High Heels in 2014 here are five things I’m currently loving!

No. 1: Kimonos


This has got to be the number one Spring/Summer trend I’m most excited about. As a bohemian girl at heart, I love that they’re so easy to dress up or down. The key is to make sure it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a costume! I can’t wait to rock this one from Nasty Gal all season long.

No. 2: LORAC Self TANtalizer


As a very white, white girl, I’ve tried all the self-tanners under the sun but always come back to this gem. It gives you color on demand as well as a buildable tan. The easy to use glove makes it quick and simple to get a tan when you’re rushing out the door!

No. 3: Kip Moore

After his ACM’s performance…I think I fell in love. Kip’s music is refreshing and nowhere near cheesy like other artists like (cough Florida Georgia Line). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some FGL, but Kip’s lyrics are honest and unique putting his Up All Night album at the top of my playlist. Song recommendations: “Drive Me Crazy,” “Where You Are Tonight” and of course “Up All Night.” Happy listening!

No. 4: Volatile Calico Western Boot


I stumbled upon these originally looking for Black boots but couldn’t help but pick these beauties up instead! The gold hardware makes them versatile, taking you from a country concert to out with your girlfriends. They’re the perfect height and color, for a steal!

No. 5: Never Have I Ever (My life so far without a date)


Ok, I’m officially obsessed with this book… and Katie. I’m only half way through but it’s easily one of my favorites. Single and even coupled ladies can relate to Katie’s heartache and thoughtful insights about love and friendship. Reading this gem is like having a heart to heart over wine with your best friend. Thanks for this Katie, from a fellow “Bermuda Triangle.”

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Shoespiration of the Day


“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” —Christian Dior

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The Hair Diaries

Well I’m jumping on the “Ombre” hair trend a little late in the game, but I’m glad I made the leap. After going brunette in the fall from being blonde my entire life, I’m ready to come back to my golden roots. Well, in this case, brunette roots…that fade to blonde. Ok you get my point.

Thoughts on the Ombre trend? Would you rock it?

Spring Obsessions: Neon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you’re probably well aware, and if you’re like me, slightly overwhelmed, by what seems to be the most anticipated spring trend. Neon.

As much as I would love to rock the all neon color blocked get ups gracing the magazine pages, runways, and blogs galore, I cant help but find the neon accessories completely irresistible, and more wearable.

My favorite is the neon bag, or satchel. It can turn any neutral look into an instant trendy, and fashion forward ensemble. I’ve scoured the Internet to find some of my favorites to pick from this season.

[1] Cambridge Satchel Company [2] Forever 21 [3] Marc by Marc Jacobs [4] Steve Madden [5] Zara [6] Target

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Fashion Inspired By: HRH COLLECTION

Youtube guru, jewelry designer, and rising fashion blogger Alex, of HRH COLLECTION has a downtown, classically chic street style all her own. From her flowy chiffon button downs, to her sparkle miu miu pumps, and sparkled finger tips, her style is enviable, and yet California low key.

Photo Courtesy of HRH COLLECTION

Whips Chains and BaoBao

Ok just kidding about the whips, but Alex is all about her chains. Available at, Alex’s designs are timeless, yet fashion forward, with a focus on chains and layering. Each piece is unique and customizable to your taste in hardware.

HRH Collection is a style based lifestyle blog with weekly video updates, how tos from anywhere from how to rearrange a coffee table, to how to rock a bandage skirt. At 60k followers and counting, Alex and her blog are one to watch in this fast paced fashion blogging world.

[Blazer] [Tank] [Trousers] [Necklace] [Pumps] [Nail Polish]

Voices from the Second City’s Fashion Scene

Francesca Gattuso scurries down East Jackson, camera in hand, after she has just photographed a DePaul student for her column, “Fashionista/Fashionisto Spotlight” for CollegeFashionista. For some this may seem strange, but for the fashion community, it’s right on trend.

Gattuso on the scene: Photo Courtesy of CollegeFashionista

Chicago may be the second city in comparison to New York, however its fashion scene is about to catch up. Chicago fashion bloggers, like Gattuso, are covering everything from street style photography, the latest trends, and the new boutiques.  Blogging has been gaining popularity over the past decade, and anyone and everyone can get in on it. In spite of this, Chicago Fashion Bloggers are beginning to make a name for themselves doing what they love, and putting Chicago on the map in the Fashion Industry.

Gattuso’s main role at CollegeFashionista is to take Street Style photographs and interview her subjects on style. “Anyone can take a photograph and interview someone about what they’re wearing,” Gattuso says,  “For me, I want to take that new found information and present it in a format that will really have someone wanting to know more, get out and shop, and essentially inspired.” CollegeFashionista’s focus is to get college students involved in, and excited about fashion on their campus. According to Gattuso, “Observation skills are key,” as a Street Style photographer. “I love seeing a girl strut around campus as if she were on a catwalk. It is all about confidence, and what you choose to make trendy. That is the great part about fashion.”

A Pioneer Speaks

Photo Courtesy of ChicagoStreetStyle

One of the most influential, and up and coming bloggers of Chicago is Amy Creyer, of ChicagoStreetStyle. Creyer has been around the city and back, to New York Fashion week, and other parts of the globe. Her objective is to photograph stylish Chicagoans and fashionable people alike for her blog, and reporting for the popular fashion website Refinery29, all the while creating quite a buzz.  Creyer weighs in on blogging and says, “I love blogging because I love connecting with people. Although I’m a very private person, I might even say a loner, I love connecting with people one-on-one.”

When it comes to Chicago, Creyer is clearly proud of her City, and what’s happening here fashion wise. She does so not just with the title of her blog.

“The fashion blogging scene in Chicago is not as cutthroat as it is in New York. Bloggers in Chicago aren’t blogging to make a living, myself included, we do it for pure enjoyment. That authenticity comes through in the content.”

Jaclyn: A recent subject Courtesy of ChicagoStreetStyle

Creyer’s blog is photographed focused, like Gattuso’s column. The images are high quality, and focus on the individual’s style, and personality. Her photographs really reflect what’s going on in fashion right now, here in Chicago especially. Chicago’s fashion scene is blooming, and constantly growing, evolving.  Fashion bloggers like Gattuso and Creyer are contributing to a budding field of business and interest, and helping to put Chicago on the map.

Creyer puts Chicago’s fashion scene into perspective; “Chicago’s style is unique from other places, like New York in particular, since the emphasis is on individuality and less on trends. That’s why I love shooting in Chicago so much. Everyone is free to be themselves here but you still have the vibrant street style and diversity of a large city. Midwesterners are less judgmental than New Yorkers, so that plays a role in the freedom you see here with personal expression through style.”

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